Is Your Health Holding You Back from Living Your Best Life?

Take Control with Personalized Nutrition and Health Coaching

A Functional Medicine Approach to Lifestyle Changes

Live Well. Here’s How

In today’s information era, knowing where to start when it comes to health is challenging. Benehealth’s evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle program takes the guesswork out of living a healthy lifestyle.

Benehealth Lifestyle is your three-month pathway to optimal well-being, guided personally by our functional medicine nutritionists and health coaches.

We offer tailored advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help you enhance your health, minimize disease risk, and reach your unique wellness objectives.

Why we're different.

Many wellness programs focus solely on nutrition and habit changes, but we understand that your health is a tapestry woven from various threads. Mental, emotional, and environmental elements are just as critical as what's on your plate. That's why we're proud to be a functional medicine practice at our core, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Rediscover Your Story.

We believe that your health journey is more than just physical. It's about the narratives you carry, the emotions you feel, and the experiences that have shaped you. By delving into your story, we can uncover the sources of your health behaviors, both conscious and unconscious.

Balancing Act.

True health is about balance, and it extends far beyond your plate. Our solution empowers you to find equilibrium in essential areas.

Stress Management

Learn techniques to navigate life's stressors with resilience.

Quality Sleep

Discover the profound impact of sleep on your overall health and how to improve it.

Meaningful Connections

Foster relationships that nourish your soul and well-being.


Explore methods to support your body's natural detox pathways and minimize the effects of environmental pollutants.

Nutrition Optimization

Harness the power of food as a tool for health and longevity by aligning your diet with your biology.

The Journey Begins.

Your path to wholeness starts with a single step, a 60-minute virtual meeting with our dual-certified nutritionist and health coach. This initial conversation is where we begin to understand your unique story, your health challenges, and your aspirations.

The 3-Month Transformation.

For 12 transformative weeks, your personal nutritionist/health coach guides you, meeting virtually every other week. This format provides a week's gap to focus on and achieve set goals. With their expert support, you'll be on the path to achieving optimal health and well-being.


3 Months with Us, a Lifetime of Change for You.

Our Philosophy

Personalized Approach

Tailoring your health journey to meet your unique needs.

Your Guiding Experts

Expert Guidance

Benefit from guidance that navigates complex health concerns reliably.

Beyond Symptoms

Holistic Health

Addressing the root causes for a comprehensive health transformation.

Evidence-Based Strategies

Science-Backed Strategies

Trust in advice grounded in scientific research.

Your Support System

Accountability & Motivation

Regular check-ins and progress tracking to keep you on track.

Empowerment Through Knowledge


Gain the tools and knowledge to control your health for life.

Proven Results

Proven Results

Join many others in achieving significant health improvements.

At Your Convenience

Convenient & Flexible

100% virtual program to fit into your busy life.

Affordable Investment in You

Affordable Investment

Reap the extensive benefits of our 3-month program at a reasonable cost.

Community and Support

Community Support

Connect with a network of like-minded individuals for mutual encouragement.

Schedule your one-on-one nutritional and health coaching consultation and discover what you need to support your health and wellbeing

A Nutrition Program Rooted in
Functional Medicine

Nutritional guidance is one of the key components to functional medicine, a health care model that looks at the whole person, not just your symptoms. It takes into account your lifestyle, diet, and environment, and looks for the root cause of your specific health concerns.

With this program, you can achieve a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, find a clearer mind, improve energy levels, prevent disease, and improve your sleep, digestion, and overall health. Schedule your one-on-one nutritional and health coaching consultation **this is a virtual only program.

"Joining the Benehealth Lifestyle program was a game-changer for me. The personalized approach, paired with expert guidance, empowered me to take control of my health like never before. Through the holistic strategies taught in the program, I not only lost weight but also saw improvements in my overall well-being. Thank you, Benehealth, for being a constant in my journey towards a healthier, happier me." - Eileen

Take the Lifestyle Self-Assessment

Schedule your virtual one-on-one nutritional and health coaching consultation, and discover what you need to support your health and wellbeing.

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Personalized Holistic Care

Our certified nutritionists and dedicated health coaches work with you to design and adjust your personal nutrition plan, adopt healthy habits, and track your progress.

Using a variety of tools, such as a food diary, movement regimens, blood work, weight, blood pressure, and symptom monitoring, we ensure you’re on the path to good health.

Taynua Page, MScN

Taynua Page, MScN

Functional Nutritionist & Health Coach

Taynua is highly specialized in natural and lifestyle medicine and has helped hundred’s of clients reach their goals.

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Christina Seibold, MS, CNS, CN, LD

Christina Seibold, MS, CNS, CN, LD

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach

Christina has more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. She takes pride in crafting personalized wellness strategies for her clients, integrating her profound belief in the uniqueness of every individual's health journey.

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Mary Lambdin, MSACN

Mary Lambdin, MSACN

Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Candidate

Mary started on her journey of self-discovery by earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a specialized minor in Holistic Health Studies.

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