If fad weight loss programs really worked,
why aren’t more people living healthier lives?

Find a weight management solution that works for you.

Your body is unique.

Your weight loss plan should be too.

Achieving Your Ideal Weight Goals Starts Here

Our holistic weight loss program was created to be your solution to healthily losing weight! Fad diets and “lose weight quick” schemes will never help you see the long-term results that you want.

Plus, with our unique rewards program, you’ll earn exclusive benefits as you reach your health goals – making your journey even more rewarding! Learn more

Rather than attempting a restrictive diet, feeling frustrated because your clothes consistently don’t fit, or not being able to do the things you love due to constant fatigue, our functional medicine practitioners and licensed nutrition professionals can help you manage your weight without compromising your health and well-being! In fact, you will experience optimal health for years to come.

We look for why you gained weight and are having difficulty shedding those pounds.

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Medical Weight Loss Programs Surprise AZ
Medical Weight Control Surprise AZ

Redefining Weight Loss: The Benehealth Approach

What makes Benehealth’s weight loss program different? Our program is not just another diet or exercise regime. We focus on holistic, root-cause health, offering:

  • A combination of in-person and virtual visits for personalized care.
  • Cutting-edge biometric assessment tools like Styku 3-D Body Imaging.
  • Customized nutrition and health coaching, considering multiple biometric considerations.
  • Over 15 lab tests are included to identify obesity-related concerns for an all-encompassing health evaluation.
  • Holistic Life Assessment: We delve into your unique life journey, recognizing that your personal narrative is integral to your well-being.

Understanding your story helps us unravel the complexities influencing your health, particularly in areas like weight management.



How the Program Works?

12-Intensive Weeks of Getting Your Health Back & Weight Off

Initial Assessment

In-person visit with a functional medicine provider which includes setting goals, physical exam, 3-D Body Imaging, and lab draws for numerous lab essays.

One-Month Weight Loss Support Packs

Positively support weight loss by supporting cells utilizing fat for fuel, maintaining healthy insulin and stress hormone levels, and enhancing energy to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Complimentary Energy-Boosting injection

Designed to enhance metabolism and support fat-burning processes for effective weight loss boost.

Regular Check-ins

Up to 3 Styku sessions, 6 Nutrition/Health Coach sessions, and 2 follow-up sessions with the medical provider.

Detailed Analysis

Our method involves a meticulous evaluation using an array of client-specific forms, detailed biometrics, and a keen focus on each individual's distinct symptoms and health issues.

In-depth Lab Tests

We evaluate hormones, metabolic panels, nutrient deficiencies, and more. Our lab tests are tailored for weight management.

Ongoing Support

You can contact your whole team through the mobile app.

Optional Add-Ons for Enhanced Weight Loss Support

To further augment and personalize your weight loss journey, we offer several affordably priced optional add-ons. These enhancements complement the core program, providing additional benefits and support tailored to your needs. You can incorporate any of these options for a more holistic and effective approach to weight management.

How to Add These Services

  • Consultation During your initial consultation or at any point during the program, discuss your interest in these add-ons with our team.
  • Integration We'll seamlessly integrate these services into your personalized weight loss program, ensuring they complement and enhance your overall journey.
  • Monitoring and Adjustment Our staff will continuously monitor your progress and adjust as necessary to maximize the effectiveness of these add-ons.

These optional enhancements support and accelerate your weight loss journey, providing a more comprehensive and holistic approach. By incorporating advanced technologies, therapeutic practices, and personalized medical insights, we aim to offer you the most effective and enjoyable path to achieving your health and weight loss goals.


How to Get Started?

Joining is simple.

  1. Book your initial visit.
  2. Continue your transformative journey with a manageable monthly payment.
  3. Experience sustainable, life-changing results through a holistic, health-first approach to weight management.
How to Get Started with Benehealth

Earn While You Lose

At Benehealth, we believe in rewarding your journey towards a healthier you. Our Healthy Weight 12-Week Program is designed not just to help you lose weight but also to reward you every step of the way.

Milestone Goals and Rewards

Simple and Motivating:

  • Set and achieve personal health milestones throughout the program.
  • Earn points for each milestone you reach.

Rewards That Count:

  • Redeem your points for a variety of wellness perks.
  • Enjoy discounts on future programs, wellness products, or in-clinic services.

Tailored for You:

  • Goals are personalized based on your initial health assessment.
  • Regular check-ins ensure your targets stay relevant and motivating.

Progress That Pays Off:

  • From weight loss to biometric improvements, every achievement adds up.
  • Celebrate your success in health gains and valuable rewards.

Join Benehealth's Healthy Weight Program.
Because good health is everything.