Pregnancy Wellness

Benehealth Beginnings

Creating health and vitality
throughout the childbearing process.


The Support You Need Throughout Your Pregnancy and Beyond

Benehealth is proud to provide the resources and holistic tools that parents to-be need! We offer a wide range of services to support the family planning process. Our wellness clinic wants to know you and your goals when it comes to childbearing so that we can best help you reach them. Functional medicine is a powerful tool when it comes to preconception, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation care. When you meet with the practitioners at our prenatal wellness center, we will gladly listen to your concerns or goals and create a plan for you to best meet them.

Holistic Pregnancy Planning

What you can expect from our available services depends on what areas you need support in. Benehealth has designed the Beginnings program to provide women with the pregnancy and wellness services they need to feel their best. If you would like to focus on you and your partner's health and wellness before conceiving, we will create a holistic plan to help you feel your best. Or, if you are looking to enhance your fertility, our practitioners will approach fertility from a holistic mindset, looking for root causes that may be impacting you and treating you appropriately. From support throughout your pregnancy to continued tools and resources postpartum, Benehealth is here for you.


Benehealth Beginnings is designed to directly address the health challenges faced by couples throughout the childbearing process.

Through our functional medicine approach to care, we identify and address the root causes of health issues that may affect healthy reproduction.
With our four unique paths, Benehealth Beginnings serves women and their partners wherever they find themselves on the journey toward parenthood.

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Optimize Your Health Throughout Your Childbearing Journey

The key to feeling your best and providing the best support for your baby begins with your wellness. Our prenatal wellness center is dedicated to helping you find solutions to any concerns or ailments that you worry may impact your pregnancy journey. By providing you with peace of mind through personalized holistic care, Benehealth is happy to support you through your family planning process!

Benehealth Beginnings offers holistic health care for you, your partner, and your baby. We guide you through:


Preconception Health


Difficulty Conceiving


Multiple Miscarriages


Infertility Diagnosis


Healthy Pregnancy


Childbirth Options


Lactation Difficulties


Postpartum Adjustment