Health Memberships


Memberships as unique as you are.

Benehealth memberships feature our individualized health, wellness, and natural aesthetics services at highly reduced package rates.

There’s no better way to invest in your health.

Functional Medicine Memberships

2-Month Patient Onboarding Experience*

Begin to uncover the root cause to your health concerns, with our IQ assessment process.


What’s included?

  • Three (3) comprehensive 45 minutes functional medicine clinician visits
  • One (1) Functional 45-minute nutrition visit  
  • One (1) 45-minute Health coaching follow-up 
  • Functional physical exam
  • 3D body composition analysis using Styku
  • Comprehensive history analysis
  • Comprehensive blood work and specialty test recommendations
  • Tailored supplements, medication, prescriptive nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations

4-Month Membership Commitment*

Restore your health and eliminate chronic symptoms with our 4-month vigorous and comprehensive treatment plan.

What’s included?

  • One (1) comprehensive 60-minute functional medicine clinical practitioner visit
  • Two (2) 30-minute functional medicine clinical practitioner touch bases
  • Two (2) 45-minute functional medicine nutritionist consults
  • Four (4) 45-minute health coaching visits to support your lifestyle changes
  • Unlimited messaging with your team of experts through the patient portal
  • A treatment plan unique to your specific needs, including nutrition, supplement management, and exercise recommendations
  • Close monitoring of symptoms and disease regression
  • 15% off Supplements
  • 15% off IV all therapy and vitamin Injections
  • 15% off any add-on visits 
  • 10% off all Radience Aesthetic services

De-prescription monitoring and professional collaboration with your PCP.
Our 4-month membership is designed to help you optimize your health and longevity so you can be there for the people you love. Through our comprehensive practitioner visits, we develop an individually tailored, holistic treatment plan to help you overcome the symptoms holding you back from living the life you want.

12-Month Membership Commitment*

Elevate your health to new heights with our 12-month long-term health optimization, maintenance, and prevention membership.

What’s included?

  • Two (2) comprehensive 60-minute functional medicine clinical practitioner visits
  • Two (2) 45-minute functional medicine nutritionist consults
  • Six (6) 45-minute health coaching visits for tracking, support, and adjustments to your health plan
  • Unlimited messaging with your team of experts through the patient portal
  • Lab work analysis as necessary
  • 15% off add-on visits
  •  20% off supplements
  •  20% off IV therapy
  • 15% off BH Radiance Aesthetic services

We all want to get healthy now. But sometimes, our short-term successes give way to our former long-term habits, and we end up back where we started.
At Benehealth, we focus on helping you create new long-term habits to cement your successes and set you on the path toward longevity.

The right membership for you.

Select a payment plan.

Getting started on the path to good health is the best investment you can make.

Benehealth IQ Assessment*

$1399 or $466.33 over 3 installments

4-month Membership

Monthly $329

Total: $1316

12-month Membership

Monthly $139

Annual: $1668

*The BH IQ Assessment will be your first step. Then your practitioner will discuss and recommend the membership that’s right for you.