5 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023

5 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023

In 2020, everyone was thrown into the unfamiliar and unknown. In 2021, we began adjusting to the “new normal” of living during a global pandemic. Now in 2023, it’s time to really push ourselves and grow from this experience. So we are sharing the top 5 wellness trends to watch in 2023. This is a theme we’re really seeing in the wellness industry–going from surviving to thriving as people discover the tools to help them do just that. Here are the top 5 wellness trends to watch for in 2023:

1. Immunity

This trend isn’t too surprising given the current state of the world and Covid-19. The pandemic brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind the importance of not only building, but nurturing, a strong immune system. This means examining the whole picture of our health and seeing what small improvements can be made to strengthen the body’s natural ability to fight off illness. This involves making smarter food choices, ensuring we get plenty of sleep, and prioritizing our mental health by managing our stress.

2. Outdoor Fitness

Yes, during the pandemic, we saw an increase in people using at-home smart bikes like the Peleton. But we also saw a boom of people taking their fitness outside. In fact, exercising outdoors was recognized as the most popular form of fitness in 2021. In a global survey, RunRepeat found that 59.1% of adults chose activities like running, training, hiking, and walking outdoors as the best way to stay fit this past year. We only see this trend continuing to boom as people begin to find outdoor passions to pursue while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. The body-face connection of skin

In years past, the skin care narrative has focused on the face. We’re seeing some exciting changes to this! Like with all areas of wellness, if we isolate our efforts to just one area (i.e. the face) we fall short. More practitioners are incorporating the body into their skin care treatments, and we’re seeing more and more medispas emerge as a result.

4. Supplements

It’s wonderful to see the health and wellness community embrace the individuality of each person. We’ve seen an increase in personalized, smart supplements in recent years, and we predict this will only continue in 2023. With science continuing to advance, the market is seeing more supplements that not only address nutritional sufficiency but also work to nurture specific areas of your body as needed. We also expect to see an increased use in plant-based formulas and supplements focused on sustainability.

5. Prioritizing the pelvic floor

The human body, specifically in regards to sex and reproductive health, is being discussed more openly now than ever before. Through this conversation, we’re thrilled to see the emergence of pelvic floor health and therapy as a topic. In fact, all people (not just women) have a group of muscles called their “pelvic floor.” For women, the pelvic floor muscles play a role in childbirth, but for all people this group of muscles provides necessary functions such as controlling the bladder and bowel and allowing healthy sexual function. We’re seeing discussions of the pelvic floor incorporated more in wellness plans for everyone.

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